Dunia paling liar penggemar sepak bola

Football fans are known the world over, sometimes they aren’t held in the greatest of light as we constantly hear of violent groups of thugs fighting outside the football grounds. The british are perhaps the most widely known for their drunken antics especially when traveling to away games in foreign lands with cheap beer! But it isn’t all doom and gloom with thugs and violence football is a game of passion and this is shown in the clips below.

In Poland kids are pushed hard at a younger age to take football seriously. Checkout the fans (mainly parents) in the stadium at this kids footy match

Nothing brings tears to my eyes than seeing a football player going out of his way after a match to give his shirt to an adoring fan. These fans often follow the teams round the world so getting some recognition means the world to them.

It’s not fair to throw all England fans in the thug category. They can come up with some hilarious and catchy chants. These are usually shown at domestic games in lower league side but sometimes the bigger matches deliver some belters too.

And finally checkout this 6 min complication video of the best fans in the world. These fans dedicate their life to their teams and it really shows, these are the people that make football football, not the players, the managers or the TV presents. It’s the fans!

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