Журнал видається англійською мовою- футбол (футбол) Журнали та журнали

football uk

List of top soccer sites, journals or even magazines brings you latter on big soccer league results, more, championships, news, player interviews. Leading football magazine based in United Kingdom. The magazine published in Turkish, korean, portuguese, indonesian, thai, english and even Swedish Polish.

Then once again, the most widely circulated soccer magazines. It’s a well the magazine providing coverage of the world’s top leagues, analysis, features, profiles as well as much more. With that said, among the most widely selling British weekly football magazines published by Bauer Consumer Media. The magazine includes articles about premier Champions League, championship, weekly or league roundup of much, results, kids football or more.

football uk

Leading Soccer magazine covering college soccer, previews, analysis and much more. While coaching soccer or soccer more, featuring world cup soccer, soccer drill, soccer rule, us soccer, soccer, gear and soccer game, women’s world cup soccer training, much.

Leading sports magazine published in Germany and is focused mainly on Soccer. Soccer scene magazine published in Ontario, canada. On top of that, the magazine owned by Direct Image Inc.

Leading French football magazine featuring news from all over the world.

France football magazine elects very good French year player. Did you hear about something like this before? amid the most widely explore African football magazine. Notice, the magazine published under the patronage of Touchline Media focuses on regional and worldwide soccer including Premier Soccer League.

Monthly Soccer magazine published in UK by IPC Media. Essentially, the magazine contains articles about competitions, soccer awards, results, league tables, fixtures, player, europe’s championships and as well forums interviews.

Japanese language online soccer magazine. Whenever coaching and more, featuring ‘up to datedata and news on soccer team, competitions. OK, featuring coverage domestic and worldwide football from African countries including Egypt, cameroon, ghana, nigeria, algeria, south Africa, ivory Coast.

Magazine published weekly includes ‘uptodatefixtures from around a hundred exclusive leagues in Wales, ireland, scotland or England. Magazine published weekly includes ‘uptodatefixtures from around a hundred unusual leagues in Wales, ireland, scotland and England.

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